Laser metal cutter

Product Description 

The laser metal cutter adopts a high-quality fiber laser. It is controlled by an automatic numerical system. This high-tech machine is a combination of laser cutting and automatic CNC machine. This perfect combination ensures its high speed, accuracy, efficiency and low cost. Therefore, it is the preferred cutting machine for batch processing of metal materials.

Machine Configuration

 Model Type





 Name Of Goods

laser metal cutter  

Laser Media

Fiber Laser                                                                                 


  500w, 1000w, 1500w, 2000w, 3000w, 4000w, 6000w

Wave Length


Min.Route Width


Repostion Accuracy


Cutting Area





Aiming Positioning

  Red Dot

Voltage Requirement

 220V or 380V/50~60Hz

Cutting Head

Standard Configured By WSX Brand Manual Focusing.Also have Raytools from Switzerland

 Laser Source

Standard Raycus/ MAX500w~6000w

Application Ranges

Our laser metal cutter widely used in sheet metal processing,

production of advertising signs,kitchenware,hardware,lighting hardware,Car 

spare parts,Saw blade ,eyes ,machinery parts and other metal industries .

  Purchase Guide 

1).Carbon Steel Max Thickness ≤6mm , Stainless Steel ≤3mm Please Choose For 500w Laser Source; Carbon Steel Max Thickness ≤12mm,  Stainless Steel ≤ 8mm , Aluminum ≤ 4mm ,Brass ≤3mm Please Choose for 1000w Laser Source

2).  Such like the cutting area if your metal sheet size to be 1000x2000mm for 

example,you can choose for FLDJ1325F working table :1300x2500mm  or sheet size is 1420x2500mm can be choose for FLDJ1530F working table -1500x3000mm cutting area ,and so on .

3). If your material thickness over than above data please consult on us about 

FLDJ1530F series


 Installation &Trainning

Usually our clients would be arrange the related technician to get trainning in our factory or we send our technicians to customer side until the operator masters can using the laser metal cutte machines very well ,but for Visa fee, Round-Trip air tickets ,accomodation and board are paid by customer ,US$100 per day for engineer installation service . Don’t worry ,our “money maker” which will help you to make more money very soon after put into metal processing productions .


Incredible Result